Financing & Insurance

Financing & Insurance

Financing Dental Care

Our practice firmly believes in putting excellent periodontal care in your financial reach. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of financing, and ways to pay that will work for most budgets.

You might want to know approximately how much a cosmetic gum makeover would cost. You may have received a diagnosis from your general dentist and need some significant periodontal work done. Or perhaps you’ve wondered how to get rid of your dentures, bridge or even only need one or two teeth replaced. Is the dental implant procedure expensive? How much will my implanted dentures cost? Will my insurance pay for some or all of my gum graft or sinus lift? The only way to get the answers to these questions and more is to contact our financial experts at Implants and Periodontal today.

Dental Insurance and Periodontal Treatment

One of the wisest ways to ensure your continued oral health is through dental insurance. Having dental insurance provides that you can get the treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums in first-class shape. We can work with most major dental insurance providers and will work with you through the process of dental insurance and financing your dental implants and periodontal procedures.

Please bring your insurance card in for your first visit with us. Or fill out the insurance information on the link for the first visit and bring it in for your first appointment. We’ll need to see you in the office for an estimate on the costs of your dental work. We also will happily provide you with an estimate of the cost of your insurance coverage as well.

Please don’t hesitate to seek answers from us if we didn’t answer your specific question. If you don’t have dental coverage right now, don’t worry. We offer several methods of flexible payment choices you can use to get your dental work done. If you have continuing questions, please reach out to us at any one of our locations and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Flexible Payments

We accept payments on the day of your appointment. We take cash, checks, credit cards, flex plans, health savings accounts, and debit cards as payment. If you still need another payment option, we also offer flexible payment schedules that enable you to pace your treatment costs out over a period, too.

Our doctors and office staff want you to have the most beautiful smile that you can have. We also want to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy for a lifetime. Our friendly office staff will make you feel welcome when you enter the door. Our dental personnel and doctors can keep you comfortable both mentally and physically while you receive treatment. You, the patient, are our primary concern. Your health and well-being are our first goal. Please don’t let financial worries keep you from the smile and healthy mouth that you deserve.

If you have any remaining questions, we can provide you with more exact information in more detail, please send us an email or talk to our team today to help you find the dental health for which you’ve been looking. Our compassionate and helpful team will find the answers to your questions for you.