Our Caring Approach for Dental Implants and Periodontal Treatment

The best part of our day and one of our favorite reasons to work at Implants and Periodontics, is getting to know our patients and their families better. Our doctors enjoy talking to you and your family about your oral health, your goals for your smile, and what you want. Our goal is to recognize you and greet you by name when you come into the office; and get to know you on a more personal level.

Your First Visit

No matter your age, we love having new patients and helping get the smile that they want. We offer convenient locations in the greater Phoenix, AZ area in Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Queen Creek. Our offices are in easy to find places in those towns, as well, so you should be able to find us with no stress.

The first step in getting to know us better remains to call our staff for an appointment. To schedule a consultation, call any of our locations. When visiting our website, please look at our printable forms. Filling out these forms help us get to know you better and saves you time in the waiting room. Please fill these forms out and hand them to our welcoming staff when you first come to our office. We’ll ask for the first-visit form, registration form, and medical form to be filled out. Here is where filling out forms at home comes in handy. You can provide us with your information about medical conditions and the medications you take for them if any. We’ll need this information to provide you with further treatment.

Schedule the Entire Family

One way to ensure that your family is receiving the proper oral care is to schedule all of your family members at the same time. Scheduling the entire family at once will save you both time and money in the long run, and be easy for you to remember, too.

Emergency Care as the Need Arises

In case you have a dental emergency, you need a specialty dentist who can treat you as soon as possible. Call Dr. Peterson, and he, or a member of his staff will respond as quickly as possible to make sure you get the fastest treatment available. This caring professional even gives his personal cell phone number out to some patients for when emergencies arise.

We Focus on Preventative Care

Preventing gum disease is just as important as treating gum disease. Implants and Periodontics focuses not only on restoring the teeth and gums to health and beauty, but we firmly believe in preventing oral health problems through routine checkups. We can set you and your family members up for a routine examination and cleaning every six months. We also screen for oral cancer, since early diagnosis improves the chances of catching oral cancer in its early stages.

Our Culture

All four of our offices were specially designed for calmness and for your comfort. In fact, we have received many compliments from our patients about how friendly our staff is, and that we are very welcoming. Our décor is homelike. We also offer a beverage dispenser, personalized music, Wi-Fi and reading material to make your office wait as soothing as possible. We’ll remember your name and personal details such as being able to chat about your business, family, or other interests you have discussed with us. We work hard to show you that we are a kind and caring staff and that your welfare comes first.

To build a relationship with a concerned, understanding and caring dental practice, please contact us at any one of our locations. We have convenient offices in Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Queen Creek, AZ. Please contact us today for a more beautiful and healthier smile.