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Decoding All on 4 Dental Implants: A Pathway to Your Renewed Smile

Welcome to Chandler, AZ, where the skilled team led by Dr. Stephen Shimp is dedicated to transforming smiles at chandlerperio. Today, we unravel the wonders of All on 4 dental implants, a groundbreaking solution for those in search of a permanent remedy for missing teeth. The question that echoes: Are they the right fit for

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Unveiling the Connection: Dental Implants and Jawbone Health

Welcome to Chandler, AZ, where Dr. Stephen Shimp and his esteemed team at [Chandlerperio] go beyond restoring smiles; they prioritize the holistic health of your teeth and jawbone. In this enlightening post, we’ll delve into the crucial relationship between dental implants and bone health, unraveling why it matters and how Dr. Stephen Shimp ensures unparalleled

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Should I Brush or Floss First?

Creating an oral hygieneroutineat home is important to help maintain your oral health and keep yourteeth and gums feeling great. Brushing and flossing each day is extremely important,and the order inwhich you do these two items is a common question. Many wonder which way gives the most benefit. Is Brushing First Better? Brushing your teeth

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