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Absent Teeth: Real Consequences on Bone Loss

You care about your health, and that of your teeth is no exception. But do you know that your oral health needs to be evaluated regularly since age causes various changes in your mouth? One of these changes is bone resorption, the loss of bone mass in your jaws. This problem affects more specifically people whose teeth are

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Occlusal Plate: A Remedy For Teeth Grinding

More and more often, when you wake up, you notice a pain in your jaw stretching to your temples, as well as uncomfortable slenderness in the muscles of your neck; maybe you suffer from bruxism! It is usually said that someone with bruxism squeaks their teeth. This problem, although rather common, is not cured. That

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7 Gum Graft Surgery Recovery Tips

A receding gum line can be caused by genetics, aging, long periods of improper brushing, or gum disease. Unfortunately, gum recession is not limited to those with natural teeth; if you have dental implants, All-on-4 implants, or dentures and you’re not religious with your dental hygiene, it can affect you, too. The fastest and most

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