Absent Teeth: Real Consequences on Bone Loss

You care about your health, and that of your teeth is no exception. But do you know that your oral health needs to be evaluated regularly since age causes various changes in your mouth? One of these changes is bone resorption, the loss of bone mass in your jaws. This problem affects more specifically people whose teeth are missing, and those who wear dentures.

Bone loss, a Real Problem

Maybe you have been wearing dentures for many years? If this is the case, you may notice that your denture is not as well adjusted to your mouth as it was before. Pains can occur and cause you difficulty chewing. You even gave up some food because you could not chew them properly! What happened? It is the absence of some of your teeth that have helped to reduce bone mass in your jaws gradually. Your bone has suffered a loss because the pressure could not stimulate that real teeth normally have when chewing. Your jaw has therefore resorbed little by little, no longer allowing proper adjustment of your denture. Your face has undoubtedly also transformed, giving your features an older look! It is estimated that about 25% of bone loss in the first year of tooth loss and the more teeth are removed, the more limited the jaw function becomes. Imagine the impact bone resorption can have on your face and mouth after many years!

Dental implants, a Preferred Solution

Fortunately, the technique of dental implants can provide a lasting solution to the bone loss phenomenon of the jaws. These implants represent a significant investment, but one that effectively curbs bone loss and restores excellent chewing functions. Because they are attached directly to the gums and connected to the jaws, dental implants are like real teeth.  Thus, implants perform functions identical to those of natural teeth. They allow strong and correct chewing, which, again, stimulates the bone mass of the jaws. It is this feature that allows dental implants to stop the process of bone loss. It constitutes a significant and lasting gain in the maintenance of oral health! Also, be aware that if your jaw or gums change over the years, dental implants can be adjusted to follow these changes, without causing pain and without losing their effectiveness.

A Permanent and Stable Solution

People who wear dental implants find good digestion of food and the ability to chew anything they want to eat. Their quality of life is therefore greatly improved! These benefits of dental implants are also permanent. If you opt for dental implants, you will undoubtedly appreciate their stability and lifespan. Also, since dental implants stop the resorption of the jaws and they are perfectly adjusted to your mouth, your face can return to its natural shape. These are excellent arguments that will convince you!

A beneficial choice for your health

Dental implants are a long-term solution to missing teeth and an effective barrier to bone loss. As you can see, missing teeth have important consequences for your dental health, your motor functions, and even your appearance! It means that having good jaws, good gums and good teeth allows you to maintain good general health. 

In case they are well maintained and adjusted periodically, the prostheses that are attached to your dental implants last a very long time. As for implants alone, dental health professionals specify that they last a lifetime. 

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