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Complete Dental Implants Treatment from Planning to Restoration

Our respected and highly skilled oral surgeons can place and restore dental implants at one of their offices in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Dental implants are a state-of-the art restorative option that will replace your tooth roots, as well as your missing teeth. In this way, they can support a more durable restoration, and they will actually prevent jawbone degeneration. Our practice offers comprehensive treatment options and highly personalized care. We will create a custom treatment plan, choosing the right implants, restoration, and restorative materials for your needs.

Cross-sectional illustration of a dental implant anchored in the jaw
Dental implant treatment replaces both the tooth’s root and its crown.

Are You a Candidate for Implants?

Implants are the only type of dental restoration that will actually replace your dental roots and not simply the teeth themselves. Your doctor will position one or more posts in your jawbone during a carefully planned surgery. To determine your candidacy for implants, he will evaluate the strength and density of your jaw. After taking x-rays, he can find out if you have suffered any jawbone recession. A common consequence of missing teeth, bone loss can make your jaw too weak to support implants. Fortunately, however, we can also provide bone grafting and sinus lifts, if needed. During these treatments, your surgeon will rebuild your jaw using your own bone or a biocompatible substitute material. In some cases, we may refer you to another practitioner for these preparatory treatments.

What to Expect during Implant Placement

At our practice, we strive to personalize our care as much as possible. Therefore, we will begin your implant treatment with a thorough consultation. You and your oral surgeon will discuss your health needs and goals. Depending on your particular situation, we can usually draw up a surgical plan that day and schedule your procedure. However, if you have a more complicated case, we may need to book a second appointment so that we can take a cone beam or CT scan.

When you are ready to begin surgery, your doctor will numb your gums and jawbone. Our onsite anesthesiologists can also provide deeper sedation to help you relax during treatment. When you are ready to begin, your surgeon will place the implants in your jaw, carefully following your personalized surgical plan. Your doctor may place between one and six implants per dental arch, depending on the number of teeth that you need to replace.

“Implants are the only type of dental restoration that will actually replace your dental roots and not simply the teeth themselves.”

After your surgery, you must typically wait between four and six months for your jawbone to heal. During your recovery, your jawbone and the implants will knit together so that the posts become permanent fixtures in your mouth. When you have fully healed, you can receive your temporary restoration. Often, we provide prosthetics here at our practice, made from lifelike materials such as porcelain and zirconia. In other cases, however, we may refer you to your general practitioner for implant restoration. Additionally, we can convert your current removable bridge or denture, turning it into an implant-supported prosthetic.

The Benefits of Implants at Our Practice

Dental implants offer unrivaled benefits. As stated above, the metal posts will become permanently fixed in your jaw. In turn, they will keep your restoration secure so that it will never slip out of place when you are eating or speaking. In fact, most implant patients do not have any dietary restrictions as a result of their dental prosthetics. Implant-supported restorations also look more realistic than other types. Made of top-quality tooth-colored materials, your restoration will sit right along your gum line, just like your natural teeth. Perhaps most important of all, implants will also prevent jawbone recession. Working like your tooth roots, the metal posts will send regenerative signals to your jaw, which will trigger new bone growth. In this way, implants can protect your facial structure and your remaining healthy teeth. For these reasons, many patients find the cost of dental implants to be an excellent investment.

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Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement, offering the strongest, most comfortable, and most natural-looking tooth restoration available. To learn more about our comprehensive dental implants treatment, contact our office today.

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