Chandler Implants & Periodontics

Chandler Implants & Periodontics

Because it is located just off of S101 and S202, reaching the Chandler office is relatively simple.

Patients can either take the South Arizona Avenue exit or South Alma School Road, heading north to West Chandler Boulevard. If taking the Arizona Avenue exit, turn left onto the boulevard at the Chandler Center for the Arts; if taking South Alma School Road, turn right then turn on to North Evergeen Street: the office is located in a suite inside the corner building on the left.

The Chandler Office

Our Chandler Dental Implant office was the first office we opened. Our founding principles were based on personalized and comfortable care. We have two doctors on staff here. Dr. Jonathan Peterson and Dr. Hudson Johnston work here to provide comprehensive dental care to their patients. They specialize in dental implants and periodontal care. With years of training and experience behind them, they offer their patients some of the best dental treatment, dental implantation and periodontal treatments in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Our Atmosphere

When you first walk into our Chandler suite, you will be greeted by our helpful staff. You will also notice that our offices have a very homey and relaxed décor, accented by the paintings of Dr. Peterson’s wife. We also offer a beverage dispenser, Wi-Fi and reading materials while you wait for your appointment. We can even give you your choice of music to enjoy while you wait.

Our Services

All of our dental procedures can be done at the Chandler office. These services include our doctor’s specialties, which are:

  • Dental Implants. We use the most recent and accurate technology, such as a 3D Cone Beam scanner to analyze your dental condition and help you decide the treatments you need. If you desire to have several implants placed, we offer the Teeth in a Day method of getting dental implants in one appointment. Whether you need one tooth or a new mouthful of teeth, we can help restore your good looks and dental health by providing you with new, prosthetic teeth.
  • Periodontal treatments. If you have infected and sore gum tissue, or painful teeth or jaws, Drs. Peterson and Johnston can provide you with the latest in treatment methods for more results and quicker healing time. Our doctors can treat a case of gingivitis up to a severe case of periodontitis with treatments ranging from a manual cleaning up to a harsh deep dental cleaning and gum tissue removal using their laser treatments.
  • Gum grafting and cosmetic gum procedures. Using the laser and other types of technologies, we can place new gum tissue where it is needed or reshape the look of your gums for a cosmetic smile improvement.
  • Have a basic dental exam and routine teeth cleaning. If problems are discovered during these two standard procedures, you may need to have further treatment as described by your doctor. If not, you can set up an appointment for your next exam and dental treatment in six months to keep your dental health intact.

Community Involvement

As a resident of the East Valley area in Phoenix, Dr. Peterson originally purchased the practice in 2013 for two reasons: to establish a footprint in the dental and general communities and to keep close to his referral network. Because many of the patients who are referred to him for oral surgical care are themselves located in this community, opening up his practice there has allowed him to provide both more efficient and more convenient care to them.

How to Get to Chandler Dental Implants and Periodontics Clinic

Our office is located just off S101 and S202, making finding the place relatively easy. If you take S101, exit on to South Alma School Road. If you take S202, turn right then turn on North Evergreen Street. You’ll find our office in a suite on the left of the corner building.

Our personable, caring staff looks forward to answering your questions and setting you up an appointment. Even if you haven’t been to a dentist for some time, let’s get you into our offices and start a relationship with you. Our highly trained doctors and other medical personnel will take excellent care of you. We openly and explain what we will do for you before we provide any treatment. We make plans for your treatment with your input.