Mesa Implants & Periodontics

Mesa Implants & Periodontics

Our Mesa office is sandwiched between two major highways: US-60 and N-202.

If taking US-60, take the South Greenfield Road exit, heading north. The practice is located on your right, just after the Baskin Robbins and Fry’s Marketplace.

If taking N-202, take the exit for the same road, heading south. The office will be on your left, after the Mobile Home Park and across from Orchard Mesa apartments.

The Mesa Office

Mesa Implants and Periodontics is conveniently located for our patients in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Our doctors at the Mesa clinic remain the experts at replacing lost teeth using the latest techniques in dental implants. Whether you require the replacement of one tooth or need an entire set of teeth replaced, our skillful doctors will provide you with new prosthetic teeth and restore you brilliant smile once again.

Also, if you have sore gums and loose teeth, you may have gum disease. Or your general dentist may have referred you for more in-depth gum treatment. No matter what severity level of gum disease you may have, the highly qualified doctors at our clinic can heal your gum condition, even if you need a gum graft or sinus lift.

Dr. Peterson is a Phoenix resident who desired to open a convenient location for his patients in his hometown. He also accepts patients referred to him in the area as well as caring for his patients to keep their treatment local.

What to Expect at Our Mesa Dental Office

You’ll notice the calm, home-like atmosphere when you enter our office. While we don’t like to keep people waiting, we make their wait more pleasant in several different ways. Some of the ways we keep our office’s atmosphere pleasant are:

  • A friendly and efficient office staff.
  • A beautifully decorated waiting area. Dr. Peterson’s wife created the lovely pictures on the walls of the office and add a lovely ambiance to the area.
  • Reading material.
  • Individualized music for your enjoyment.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • And a beverage dispensing machine to quench your thirst.

Before you know it, you’ll meet the doctor and learn more about your upcoming dental procedure.

Services We Offer at Mesa Dental Implants and Periodontics

We offer all dental services at our office. Some of the specialty areas we provide are:

  • Cosmetic gum procedures such as gum grafting and aesthetic treatments to give you a lovelier smile.
  • Gum grafting. Gum grafts remove areas of damaged gum tissue and replace these areas with healthy oral tissue that will most likely come from the roof of your mouth. While this procedure may sound painful, our office staff uses just the right amount of anesthesia, determined by your personal needs for your complete comfort. We use laser surgery methods in most cases to remove the diseased tissue from your mouth and replace it with healthy tissue. Our doctors also use very tiny sutures to graft tissue on gums, which also speeds healing time.
  • Dental implants. Whether you need a few missing teeth replaced, or an entire mouth full of teeth, Dr. Peterson can restore the health and look of your mouth and teeth.
  • Periodontal treatment. No matter what severity of gum disease you may have, we have the skills and latest equipment to treat your gum disease. Laser surgery is more precise than other types of dental surgery. It also reduces the amount of bleeding that occurs during the operation, as it closes off blood vessels as it removes tissue. Our Mesa office uses the laser’s advanced technology for many of their procedures because less bleeding occurs, and healing time is faster using lasers, too.

Call us now for a thorough dental examination with a caring, kind and concerned doctor. We will explain any procedure or diagnoses entirely and answer any questions you may have about any upcoming procedures.