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Cosmetic Gum Treatment Can Enhance Your Smile

Your gums set off and frame your teeth. Therefore, if you have an uneven gum line or too much gum tissue, your grin can look unhealthy or disproportionately small. If you are unhappy with the way that your gums affect your smile, our dentists can provide cosmetic gum treatment at their Phoenix, AZ area offices. Your treatment could include gum grafts or gum contouring, depending on your particular goals. In our practice, we often use innovative soft tissue lasers to perform cosmetic treatments. These tools will yield beautiful results with little discomfort and recovery time.

Are You a Candidate for Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

If you want to address any of the following concerns, you may be a candidate for cosmetic gum contouring:

  • Excess gum tissue that makes your teeth look disproportionately short or childlike
  • A naturally uneven gum line
  • An eroded gum line, due to periodontal disease

To qualify for cosmetic treatment, you must have healthy gums. If you are seeking treatment to correct gum erosion, it is important to receive appropriate periodontal care first. Your dentist will examine your overall oral health to determine whether you are eligible for a cosmetic procedure.

Side by side illustration of before and after gum grafting
Grafting repairs damage from gum recession and lends a more even gum line.

What to Expect during Your Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic gum contouring will be completely tailored to your needs. Your dentist will begin with a thorough consultation, at which time you will discuss your goals for treatment. He will tell you exactly what you can expect during and after the procedure. If you have a gummy smile, your dentist will perform gum contouring. As he removes the excess tissue, he will sculpt a smooth gum line.

“After your procedure, you may be amazed at the transformation. Your grin will appear bigger, brighter, and more even.”

On the other hand, if you have suffered gum recession, your dentist will perform a gum graft. In most cases, he will take a sample of your own tissue, usually from your soft palate. If necessary, however, he can also use tissue from a donor bank. Your practitioner will carefully position the sample over the worn part of your gums, filling in your gum line. He may also place a special membrane to promote faster healing. Your dentist will use small sutures to keep the tissue sample in place.

You may experience some sensitivity and irritation after cosmetic gum treatment. However, these side effects should subside quickly, especially with our state-of-the-art laser techniques.

Benefits of Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Like many patients, you may not realize exactly how much your gums affect the look of your smile. Therefore, after your procedure, you may be amazed at the transformation. Your grin will appear bigger, brighter, and more even. Your entire face may look more youthful and rejuvenated, thanks to your improved smile.

Additionally, gum grafting can have important benefits for your oral health. Gum recession can cause serious dental sensitivity because it may expose your tooth roots. With a gum graft, your doctor can cover up your roots and prevent additional tissue recession.

Schedule a Cosmetic Consultation

Our doctors are very experienced in repairing and enhancing gums with excellent results. To learn more about cosmetic gum treatment and how it can benefit you, contact us today.

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