Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts

Prepare Your Jaw for Implants with Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift Surgeries

Our Implant and Periodontal practice ensure that most of their patients can obtain dental implants if they want them. Even if you have deterioration in the jaw bone due to tooth loss bone grafting or sinus lifting procedures can add bone density and strength to your jawbones and enable you to have the natural looking prosthetic teeth you desire.

For most of our patients who need bone grafting or sinus lift surgeries, it will take somewhere between four to nine months for the bone grafting or sinus surgery process to be complete. At that point, our experienced oral surgeons can continue to use the method of implanting your new tooth or teeth. While the grafting and lifting processes may seem to take a long time, the time will be well worth the investment in your looks and oral health when it is finished. Our oral surgeon experts can perform all the work needed in-house for a consistent and seamless total treatment experience.

Why is a Bone Grafting or a Sinus Lift Necessary?

When teeth are pulled or fall out, the jaw bones begin to atrophy. They shrink, and you can get the classic toothless look, and that’s a look no one wants. Periodontal disease also reduces the jawbone and compromises its health. If you lost a tooth a while ago, or if you’ve been wearing traditional dentures, you may have experienced some jawbone loss. Sinus lifts ensure that the upper jaw is restored without any damaging consequences to your sinuses, too.

What Happens Before, During and After Bone Grafting or Sinus Lifts?

Your sinuses and jawbone will be returned to their youthful, natural state with these two procedures. Even better yet, once your entire restoration is completed, the posts for your dental implants will stimulate your upper and lower jaws into producing more bone; and preserve the bone structure in your mouth permanently. The process of bone grafting and sinus lifts is an investment for your oral health that lasts for a lifetime.

You will first attend a consultation with one of our oral surgeons, who will thoroughly evaluate your mouth and jaw health. 3D digital images will enable him to get an excellent view of your mouth. Then you and your surgeon can make a plan for continued treatment and dental implantation.

The actual bone graft or sinus lift will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. You should remain in complete comfort during this time because of sedation and anesthesia. During bone grafting, a small incision will be made in your gum, and donor tissue will be placed onto your jawbone. During a sinus lift, a small incision will be made in the upper jaw, and your sinus membrane will be lifted. Your surgeon will complete the incisions with dissolvable sutures. In about four to nine months, the bone graft or sinus lift will be healed, and your dental implanting process can take place.

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Dental implants remain the gold standard of supporting dental restorations. With proper care, your new prosthetic teeth will last for many years or even a lifetime. The only way you will understand for sure whether or not you qualify for the benefits of these treatments is to schedule an appointment for a consultation today. If your smile has been compromised by lost teeth, you can get them replaced and improve your overall dental health with bone grafting, sinus lifts, and dental implant placement. Contact our friendly staff today for an appointment to find out more.