Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Your gums frame your teeth and set them off to give you a beautiful smile. An uneven gum line or an excess of gum tissue can make your smile look out of proportion or too small. If you don’t like the way your gums appear when you smile, our dentist can assist you in obtaining a more proportionate, healthier looking smile.

For cosmetic dentistry in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, contact our highly skilled doctors for a consultation. We use the latest technology of soft tissue lasers to perform such cosmetic treatments as gum grafts and gum contouring. Not only is soft tissue laser treatment innovative, but it reduces your discomfort and shortens your healing time. Our doctors will evaluate your smile, listen carefully to your personal goals, and provide you with the newer, more open smile that you’ve always wanted.

Can You Have Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

You may be a candidate for this treatment process if you;

  • Have a naturally uneven jawline.
  • Have extra gum tissue that is too short or looks childlike.
  • Have an unusual or eroded gum line because of periodontal disease.

If you currently have a periodontal disease and the accompanying gum erosion and want to have a more even gum line, you’ll need to have the gum disease treated and healthy before you may have your gum line cosmetically treated. Or if you’ve recently received treatment for eroded gums, your doctor will decide if you are healthy enough to have a restorative cosmetic gum procedure.

What Will Happen During Your Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

The cosmetic contouring of your gum line will be designed to your individual needs. After a comprehensive consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your goals and desires for treatment. Next, your doctor will describe in detail what will occur before, during and after your procedure. If you need gum contouring, your doctor will reduce the excess gum tissue and sculpt you a smooth gum line. While removing a bit of gum doesn’t sound as if it would make a big difference, it does. Your smile will look brighter and bigger once your gums are evener.

If your gums have receded, your dentist will provide you with a gum graft. He will use a bit of your own tissue from your soft palate or another area and graft it to your gums using tiny sutures. Our doctors also may place a specialized membrane over the affected area to assist it in healing more quickly.

Once your gum procedure is completed, you may feel a little irritation or some sensitivity in the corrected area. But because we use the latest in laser treatments, any sensitivity or irritation will quickly subside.

What are the Benefits of a Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

Not only can gum grafting help your smile aesthetically, but it can prevent gum recession. People who have gum recession experience severe dental sensitivity due to exposed tooth roots. A gum graft will cover up your tooth roots, reduce gum sensitivity, and prevent more gum tissue recession.

Call Today for a Consultation

Our experienced, caring doctors can repair your gums and enhance the way they look, too. You can schedule a consultation with our dental experts today, and have a brighter, more beautiful smile soon. Our office staff is friendly and welcoming. Our doctors will clearly explain your treatment options in understandable terms. Before you realize it, you’ll have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Your new look will not only improve your smile but add to your feelings of self-esteem and your self-confidence, as well.