Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day

Do You Want A Better Smile in One Appointment? Try Teeth in a Day.

If you live in the greater Phoenix, AZ area and desire replacement teeth, you need to look no farther. Our skilled dental implant doctors have the experience and training to perform the Teeth in a Day dental replacement process. During one appointment your beautiful smile will look lifelike and natural and your teeth will once again function like normal teeth. Our staff will work with you to carefully develop a treatment plan that will maximize the results and shorten your recovery period.

What Happens During a Teeth in a Day Procedure?

During Teeth in a Day procedure, your doctor will use x-rays and advanced digital scans that can gain a thorough view of your jawbone. He will find the strongest areas on your jaw to place the implant posts for a long-lasting, secure base for your new prosthetic teeth. And, because smaller posts are used for the Teeth in a Day process, fewer bone grafts are needed to increase the strength and size of your jaw.

Before your surgery occurs, our on-site specialist anesthesiology team will provide the right amount of sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the process. Four or more posts will be implanted into your jaw once you are relaxed. Next, your new prosthetic teeth will be placed onto the new posts, giving you a renewed, restored smile in one dental appointment.

Why Should You Choose Teeth in a Day for Your Dental Restoration?

One somewhat obvious benefit of having Teeth in a Day procedure done is that you’ll regain the look of your natural teeth. In fact, your teeth may look even better than they did before you had the procedure done. Other reasons to choose Teeth in a Day treatment are because:

  • Dentures slip and slide in your mouth. Teeth in a Day will not move and stay where the doctor puts them.
  • Teeth in a Day can get you a mouth full of new teeth with only one appointment. Many types of dental implants take a minimum of two visits to complete the placing of your new prosthetic teeth.
  • You won’t need to walk around without teeth any longer.
  • Your newly restored teeth will be so stable that you’ll be able to consume many foods that you couldn’t eat with dentures or with no teeth at all. You’ll have no more dietary restrictions due to dental issues.
  • Many people with dentures experience a change in their sense of taste due to dentures covering up their soft palate. This change in your sense of taste will not occur with Teeth in a Day restoration, because your new teeth won’t cover your soft palate at all.
  • The new implants, when placed, stimulate the jawbone into creating additional bone around the implant areas. Your jaw will become firmer and stronger once the implant posts are placed.

Who is not a candidate for Teeth in a Day?

The answer to that question remains that nearly everyone can experience a restored smile using the Teeth in a Day process. If you are in good general health, you will likely be an excellent candidate for the Teeth in a Day process. But, if your jaw strength and mass have shrunk due to having your teeth pulled and not replaced, you may not have enough jawbones to have the process done. No worries if that is the case. Our highly trained and experienced doctors have ways of increasing the mass and strength to be able to work toward you’re having a smile restoration performed.

Discover More about the Teeth in a Day Process

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